Hanover College - Hanover, Indiana
May 20, 2000

Ok, here is the story. The band plays in Evansville on the 19th. They are playing in Indy on the evening of the 20th. Hanover College is having a big end of the year party all day and wants them to play the evening of the 20th. They say - "can't do it - but we can play in the afternoon". The college agrees - on with the show!

Myself, Todd and Vanessa follow them from Evansville. The campus is huge and beautiful on a 75 degree day. There are all kinds of events going on around the campus (the most popular seemed to be the jello wrestling - or maybe it was just popular with the guys when two women would wrestle).

So with all this going on - Bonepony plays to....the three of us!

An audience of me, Todd and Vanessa. A couple of people would walk by the tent now and then, but no takers.

Funniest part - at the end of the show, two girls who were at some booth outside the tent say to the band "You guys sounded great! When are you playing tonight?". Mind you - the guys just finished playing for close to 90 minutes. The girls thought it was just the soundcheck! Nuh-uh. Shows over! Hope you liked it. Follow us to Indy if you want more.

Interesting tidbits - check out the birth of the random Fish In The Sea ending here - where Tramp calls out "9 to 1", "5 and 2", etc., plus Bleeker Street goes to oblivion!

01. Seeds Of Peace 5:04 4765K
02. Savanna Flowers 4:23 4120K
03. Feast Of Life / Folsom Prison Blues 11:00 10327K
04. East Texas Rhythm 5:21 5029K
05. Poor Boy Blues 5:48 5449K
06. Fish In The Sea 5:32 5192K
07. Salvation Song 4:33 4273K
08. Old Song 5:49 5461K
09. Fiddle Jam 11:11 10494K
10. Shine On 8:41 8150K
11. The Crush 6:30 6099K
12. Bleeker Street 7:36 7131K
13. Salty Dog Blues 5:19 4985K
14. Antidote / Not Fade Away 7:48 7319K
15. Mountainside 4:30 4226K
16. Cowboy Song 6:06 5727K