Earth Day Festival - Nashville, Tennessee
April 19, 2003

Bonepony rocks the hometown crowd in an afternoon show outdoors for Nashville's Earth Day Festival.
This was the week before Jubilee was released.
(FYI: I haven't listened to it recently, but I think this show is in mono. I guess the sound guys weren't up to the whole left/right challenge thing.)

Song TitleSong
01. Shine On9:08 8571K
02. Whisper4:35 4310K
03. Jubilee5:16 4940K
04. Old Song6:53 6462K
05. Soap4:25 4147K
06. My Sunshine4:40 4377K
07. Mountainside5:43 5374K
08. Feast Of Life5:03 4745K
09. Heathers Wetter13:00 12195K