Jubilee Demos - December 2001

Back in December 2001, the band was working on new songs and testing the waters for a record deal. They learned a lot from putting out Travelers and Funhouse on their own label, but they wondered if they could do more with some more money behind them. They recorded a 4 song demo and gave it to the movers and shakers in the business back in January 2002. There was definately some interest from some smaller labels, but in the end, the band felt it was better to release Jubilee on their own label.
Now, they said this demo was rough and for label shopping only - no fan handouts allowed. Not even me! Those bastards! So, I did what any psycho die hard fan would do if they had the chance - I stole a copy! No, seriously. And I didn't tell them about for a long time. It wasn't the first thing I've pilfered - it won't be the last.
Time heals all wounds so I'm letting this cat out of the bag now.

Track 1 - Travelers Companion
Yeah - I like this. A little bit of funk. A little rougher than the Jubilee version, but it's a good rough.

Track 2 - Jubilee
So, I was listening to this demo CD quite a bit and then when Jubilee came out and I heard the title track, I was like "Goddamn - Remix!". This version is certainly good but they tweaked it to perfection for the final CD. When the guys play this in concert and Nick uses the sampler to add some bass and percussion to the song, this is where he got it from.

Track 3 - Golden Riverside
This was probably the first Jubilee track to show up at live shows, way back in early 2002 or maybe even 2001. When I heard it live, I wasn't impressed. When I heard this version, I still wasn't impressed. And when they said they were putting it on Jubilee, I thought "Ugh, that slow junky song?". So I was so very pleasantly suprised when the Jubilee version kicked ass. They kept tweaking it until they got it right.

Track 4 - 20 More People
This is the same version that they put on Rare Cuts Vol 1 (so I'm not putting it here for download - go buy Rare Cuts!), and I like it SOOO much better than the Jubilee version. The drums, the guitar, the vocals. I love that little hint of drawl that Scott puts on that second "over there". Ya know - the "over there, over thayre, I know that 20 more people..."