From The Vaults

Ok, lots of text here - the music speaks for itself, but sometimes it's nice to have a little bit extra too.
Let's start with the thanks - Thanks to Scott, Bryan, Kenny, Tramp, Mickey, Jason for making this great music (And I'm sure that there is a friend or two involved in some of these songs - especially on keyboards - thanks to them too.)
Thanks to the people who provided me with all this great music: Ron Pritt - occasional soundman for the band, Gene Rogers - creator of the Delphi Fan Forum, "Nashville" Matt - who was taping shows before Stomp Revival was even released, and John Skinner - friend and guitar tech for the band from way back in the Capitol days.
Ron Pritt got together with Scott a few years back and helped him go through his archives to make two CDs of "From The Vaults". The rest is random bits and pieces that I've picked up from the above mentioned people and a few sources that wish to remain anonymous.
The actual who/when/where/why of most of the songs - I don't know. I know that some of it is demo recordings that they were making for the 2nd album before they parted ways with Capitol. Well, I'll just try to fill in any more info as I think of it.

Song TitleSong
From The Vaults - Volume 1
01. Half As Much Love 4:23 4125K
02. Bayou Sky
A studio version of the song fairly similar to the live one on Funhouse
4:44 4447K
03. Thread Of Life
This is the version that was included on Rare Cuts, Volume 1 - go buy Rare Cuts!
04. Cowboy Song
Zanzibar! This is the version that was included on Rare Cuts, Volume 1 - go buy Rare Cuts!
05. Whats Inside
A studio version with some cool keyboard additions and a little extra jam near the end.
5:18 4984K
06. Heavy Don't Stop 5:01 4707K
07. Love Will Flow 5:08 4818K
08. High Cold India
John Skinner called this song "Enough Love" so maybe that was an earlier title
for the song. The band did perform this one live as a 5-piece and called it
High Cold India then.
This is what I call the 'mellow' studio version.
3:48 3572K
09. Thats Not The Way Love Goes 3:36 3387K
10. Mighty Big Love 5:20 5016K
11. Taste The Wine 3:43 3488K
12. Wonderlord 3:39 3432K
13. Willin' To Learn
This version had a second chopped off the beginning.
They found a better version and put it on Volume 2.
From The Vaults - Volume 2
01. Banks Of Divine
An early studio version of this song.
3:18 3104K
02. Bayou Sky
Another studio version slightly different than the previous one.
4:35 4305K
03. Bleaker Street
Early studio version with some cool keyboads.
3:50 3602K
04. East Texas Rhythm
Early studio version - Besides being slightly faster than the Traveler's Companion version,
it sounds almost identical - until you get to the end and Bryan rocks out on the guitar.
4:09 3906K
05. Fall Down 4:03 3799K
06. High Cold India
Another studio version - this one rocks out more than the previous one.
3:34 3348K
07. I Stand Amazed (Live) 5:07 4807K
08. Love Will Flow
Another studio version of this song. They notched up the tempo a bit and it sounds
like it has slightly more studio finish on it.
3:50 3601K
09. Old Song
My absolute favorite song from the Vaults - this song kicks ass in concert but for this
studio version, they brought in a vicious, growling Hammond and some
cool studio effects and made it even better.
3:39 3429K
10. Proud
The "heavily produced" version - personally, I prefer the other version thats farther down the page.
5:01 4710K
11. Sweet Confection
For some reason, the version that John Skinner provided me with
was much better quality than this one - get it down below.
12. Sweet Spot 4:29 4218K
13. The Spirit Does Bond
The most mellow, un-Bonepony song you've ever heard.
Personally, I didn't want to hear it a second time!
3:01 2841K
14. Willin' To Learn 4:04 3821K
Other stuff
Eyes Wide Open
Early demo version.
4:55 7537K
Humble Man
Along with The Spirit Does Bond, one of the only Bonepony creations that I don't care for.
4:37 7073K
Old Song (Live) 4:37 4336K
On Your Knees
Early studio version - similar to the Traveler's version until the extra jam at the end.
I later found out that that's how the 5-piece used to perform the song live.
They performed the song that way with Nick in Nashville for the Funhouse
recording but decided not to put it on that CD.
5:09 7909K
This is the version that I love. One of my favorite Bonepony songs.
Scott has said that it's one of his favorites too.
Hopefully someday it will leave the vault and be recorded and performed again.
5:38 8516K
Sweet Confection
A typically good Bonepony groove with some of the most depressing lyrics you've ever heard.
4:40 7091K
The Crush
Early studio version.
4:01 5883K
Whats Inside
A hard rockin' studio version.
4:02 6086K
Tramp On Liddy
Tramp calls in to the G Gordon Liddy show to school him on musical instruments.
This was either in 1999 or 2000.
I thought that this was supposed to be put on Rare Cuts -
maybe there were too many legal hoops to jump through.
4:21 4087K
A Better Way
The song title is just a guess. This was dug up along with the jams below.
3:32 3326K
Jams / Works in Progress
This is an amazing look at the band messing with three incomplete songs.
Jam 1
This one doesn't even have lyrics - Scott just scats along with the beat.
I love the drum work on this one.
4:18 4039K
Jam 2
Some actual lyrics for this one - but most of them seem to be made up as they go along.
2:19 2186K
Jam 3
More seemingly made up lyrics.
3:41 3456K