Bonepony Freebie Tapes

From around 1996 to about 2001 (someone help me with the dates here!)
Bonepony would make a little demo tape of live stuff once or twice a year.
They would give out a few for free and then sell them for a buck or two.
(Thats to cover the manufacturing costs. They openly encourage copying the tapes for fans.)
All of these tapes are long gone - so I'm putting them online for
the people who have missed some.

Lil Greenie

Blackberry Jam

Salty Dogs

All songs are available in both .mp3 (high quality) format and .rm (Real Audio - lower quality) format.
Most web browsers have a Real Audio player built-in.
If you don't, try Real's web site.
For an mp3 player, I recommend WinAmp for Windows systems.