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The end of an era - Tramp's last jam!
Tramp's final show with Bonepony from the Exit Inn on October 9, 2004.

Bonepony on the riverfront!
A Friday After Five live show from Owensboro, Kentucky.

09/30/2004 - 1995 Shows
Over in the live shows section - 4 shows from way back in 1995.

09/01/2004 - The Vaults!
Every piece of unreleased Bonepony music that I have. Need I say more?
Go get it!

Okay, still preparing to open up the 'vaults'.
For today, the return of Covers and Crazy Stuff, Volume 1.
This is for diehards only. It's crazy. It's wacky. It's may even be painful to the ears at times - but in a fun way. Like the crazy stuff on Rare Cuts, Volume 1, you don't play this for people you are trying to convert to the Bonepony groove. They won't get it. But for fans used to the laid back craziness of a second set in a 3 hour show, it's perfect.

Tramp and Hank
Here's something back from 2001:
A flash of lightning? A flap of a hummingbirds wings? No! It's Tramp's appearance in the Hank Williams Jr special on CMT that ran in June. (Hint - look over Hanks shoulder.)

Get this big tasty 8 meg MPEG version.

Here's a couple of non-moving pictures. Heeeeere's Tramp! No! Seriously! There he is!

Online Store
Even though there are still a lot of dead links on here, the online store is completely up to date. Check it out - there are some old shirt designs there that are not available at shows or at the Bonepony online store.

I must have done something good for my karma recently, cause a lot more storage space has magically appeared for Stomp Club to use. Expect a lot of new (and old) Bonepony goodies very soon.
How soon? How about today?
First, the freebie tapes are back online - Lil Greenie, Blackberry Jam, and Salty Dogs.

Next, a show from 2003 - Nashville's Earth Day Festival. Bonepony played a short set there and since it was a family-friendly event, you get to hear a clean version of Heather.

The earth trembles and quakes!!
Russ decides to kick off some mud off the ole' Stomp Shoe.
It's not as bad as it seems - there really has been an update or two since Oct 02. Well, maybe not two. But there is an entire show 'hidden' over here. That's the June 2003 "Hometown Throwdown" where the guys brought some friends with them to the Exit/In to throw down some 9 piece goodness.
And here's some new old stuff for you - Jubilee demos from December 2001.

Bootleg of the Week
How 'bout a cover?
John Mellencamp's Paper On Fire

Bootleg of the Week
Two salty dog Grandpa stories.
A video of the "cherry" version.
And a mp3 of the "banana" version.

Bootleg of the Week
Video, video, and more video.
MadVegas video from the June Jam.

Bootleg of the Week
A little cover from Scott Bon Johnson, Nick Bon Nguyen, and Bon Tramp.

Bootleg of the Week
Chicago blues - it's just like New Orlean blues, but a little colder.

Bootleg of the Week
In that sweet bye and bye
We'll meet again
My closest friend.

Bootleg of the Week
"Show me your nuts!" After 10 days of vacation, the guys are stir crazy and let loose in Owensboro. Some highlights from the show. If you love the Radio IDs from Rare Cuts, then you'll love this.

Bootleg of the Week - "Of course I wasn't recording your soundcheck." A cool version of Jubilee.

Bootleg of the Week - a 5-piece flashback from 1996!

The Bootleg of the Week now has it's own pretty little page.
This week - Flying V, spiky hair, platform shoes, smoke machine, guitar god fury as Nick wakes the dead on the electric guitar. It's the guys doing a cover of Crazy Train at The Duck Inn.

The Bootleg of the Week
This week - Mountainside

Ok, I've been wanting to start this for a few weeks.
The Bootleg of the Week
Each week - a particularly tasty piece of audio or video. Some new, some old. Some rare performances - maybe a wacky cover. Ok, I'm really just doing this because I'm too lazy to make any new compilations!

This week - Twenty More People

Covers and Crazy Stuff, Volume 1

I had passed this compilation CD around to tons of people before,
but I'm sure there are some newer fans who never got it.
It's a full CD of cover tunes, improvised jams, and other spur of the moment silliness.

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